we believe in connecting differently

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86 Connects was founded in 2019. We began consulting the retail, hospitality, and travel brands to achieve growth in the Chinese consumer markets. We learned shortly that there are limited solutions for SME brands to access the China market without a big investment, resources and a team.


We used our specialism in the China market, and we are developing an eTailer hub for European niche brands. We believe in connecting differently by providing our brand partners all in one China as a service. Brands lean on us as a Chinese business partner, and we are creating a unique marketplace connecting young Chinese consumers to "niche" brands.

Why 86? In China, the number 86 sounds like the words "fortune is flowing" 富在流 pronounced fù zài liú, and given that +86 is the country's international dialling code, then you'll see why we do what we do.


At 86 Connects, we help brands connect, flow and be prosperous. 

The Market

  • Chinese consumers have taken the lead in luxury shopping. Retail sales value of the personal luxury goods amounted to USD132 billion, in 2020.

  • By 2025, Chinese consumers will be responsible for 50% of the global luxury market.

  • “Chinese consumers are always looking for great new brands to add to their collections,” From Tmall Alibaba spokesperson

The Challenges

  • Fragmented, convoluted and complicated process to navigate through the Chinese platforms.

  • China is a competitive and expensive market. A simple market entry plan can cost up to  USD120k per year.

  • Brands need to consider other resources in providing a seamless journey, such as local customer service, logistics, payment integration, marketing, and many more

The Solution

  • China as a service! We provide all-in-one sales, marketing, PR, store operation, logistics, customs & tax, local customer service, payment integration and market insights all in our hub.

  • Faster route to market, we operate all the vehicles in-house for a faster market entry for brands.

  • ​Low-risk and low-cost plan tailored for SME brands, making China a more accessible market.



To be the leading eTailer empowering niche brands into China.


We are developing our beta prototype. We will open up investment opportunity to private investors when we have proven multiple transactions and customer's journey through cross-border channels. Don't miss out on the next retail-tech opportunity, stay up to date on our progress.


We are constantly searching for unique, emerging and niche brands. Currently, we are open to open European based designers and in the accessories sectors. Want to learn more about the Chinese market, and how we can help your brand access the USD$132 billion industry? Let's connect.